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Minecraft Build Team

BigBuilds is our Minecraft Build team. We started out just making Minecraft maps for fun, they were nothing like the maps you can see on our website now, but we had fun making them. With every build, our skills got better and better, and we learned so many tricks and creative ways to use blocks! After a while of just making Minecraft maps for fun, we decided to put one of our maps out on Planet Minecraft to see how other players would like it. Hilton Manor was the first map we ever let other people play, and it was also the first map we received feedback for! The map did decently well, and pulled in a few players interested in our challenging escape house. After seeing Hilton Manor reach fifty downloads, we decided to create another map, but this map would be much bigger, and much more ambitious: Spruce Valley Kingdom. This map was not only difficult to build, but it tested our knowledge on redstone, and command blocks, and was a great learning experience, as the knowledge we gained from making this map helped us create many more interactive Minecraft Maps! 

We went on to create many more maps, and we learned from each one. We thank our community who are constantly downloading our maps and providing feedback. Right now, you can download all of our maps on Planet Minecraft, and we intend to make our maps available for more people! We hope to have our maps approved for the Minecraft Marketplace, and we would love your support! 

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